Cremation Society of Ventura County
757 East Main Street, Suite B, Ventura CA 93001
Low Cost Simple Cremation Arrangements Via Phone, Fax and E-Mail
Phone: 805-641-0071 • Fax: 805-643-4129
Phone: 805-641-0071
Fax: 805-643-4129
Simple Cremation Starting at $1295.00
Cremation Society of Ventura County - Ventura, CA - Direct Cremation Service Details

The Cremation Society of Ventura County's Direct Cremation Package Price Starts at $1295.00

This price includes the basic services of the funeral director and staff, necessary documentation and filing of the death certificate, minimum cremation preparation of deceased, transfer of deceased with one transfer attendant from anywhere in Ventura County, refrigerated sheltering of remains, minimum cardboard cremation container, the cremation process, durable plastic urn, and disposition permit.

Death Certificates are available at $24.00 per certified copy. Other charges may apply such as charges for transportation, charges for excessive weight, sales tax, and regulatory fee.

Direct Cremation - $1295.-

* Cremation with identification viewing - $1495.-

* Cremation with identification viewing and then witnessing the cremation - $1,495.- PLUS Additional Witness Crematory Fee

* Additional Charges may apply if second individual is needed for transfer

The General Price List and all Pricing Information is available to you upon request.

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Cremation Society of Ventura County
757 East Main St., Suite B, Ventura, CA 93001
Phone: 805-641-0071