Cremation Society of Ventura County
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Low Cost Simple Cremation Arrangements Via Phone, Fax and E-Mail
Phone: 805-641-0071 • Fax: 805-643-4129
Phone: 805-641-0071
Fax: 805-643-4129
Cremation Society of Ventura County - Affordable Cremation Service Pre-Planning

Conversations about death are never easy; however, there is peace of mind that comes with planning for the inevitable. Pre-planning with the Cremation Society of Ventura County is designed to be streamlined, simple and quick, so your final wishes can be put into place with the least amount of stress as possible. Our low-cost cremation services and policy of no up-selling can remove the financial burden on surviving family members at a vulnerable and emotional time.

If you are considering pre-planning arrangements for yourself or someone close to you, please feel free to call at any time to start a conversation: (805) 641-0071. We're here for you 24 hours a day.

The General Price List and all Pricing Information is available to you upon request.

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Cremation Society of Ventura County
757 East Main St., Suite B, Ventura, CA 93001
Phone: 805-641-0071